Welcome to the website of the Family and Educational Guidance Centers in Berlin.
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Family problems from mild to severe can manifest themselves in the healthiest of families.
They sometimes result in challenging interactions among family members.
Counselling may help.
Our counsellors understand what’s going on in family lives and can help you deal with the challenges of family dynamics.

Counselling can support families on various issues such as

  • resolving disputes within the family
  • solving problems cooperatively
  • ways to enhance and strengthen family relationships so positive experiences outweigh difficult ones

Our Counselling Services primarily advise

  • parents
  • children
  • young adults / adolescents

Children and young adults may seek and attend counselling on their own without their parents.

We also provide advice, guidance and information to people
concerned about the well-being of children and young adults,
such as

  • grandparents,
  • professionals,
  • caretakers and teachers.
Find out more about our services and common issues addressed in counselling.