Beratung für Kinder, Jugendliche und Eltern

How counselling works

Together we find answers to your questions.
We believe that most clients have the capacity to redirect their lives when helped to do so.
We focus in helping you to develop solutions to issues affecting your life.
The aim is for you to feel empowered so you can effectively confront whatever problems you face.

No matter who you are, no matter what your situation is, the Counselling Services are here to support you individually.

Free and anonymous counselling

Counselling is available free.
All our counselling services are available free thanks to funding from the municipalities and the Berlin State government.
You can opt for anonymous counselling if you prefer.
It means that you can be open and honest about what is really going on in your life, without fear of being recognized.
You can simply contact a Counselling Center to set up an appointment without giving your name or revealing your identity.
Without making a request to the Youth Welfare Service (Jugendamt) or a referring physician.

Counselling for everyone

Berlin is a city of great cultural and ethnic diversity.
Everyone is welcome. We strive to meet the unique needs of each person irrespective of

  • gender identity and expression
  • sexual orientation
  • marital or family status
  • faith
  • color
  • ethnicity, culture, or nation of origin
  • life history.

If you face difficulties accessing mainstream services due to language issues we provide two support services:

  1. Some Counselling Centers offer services through multi-lingual therapists in the client’s preferred language.
  2. We offer counselling with the aid of interpreters.
[spoiler title=’Length of counselling’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] The length of time you will require services depends upon the number and kind of goals that you set – and is always your decision. Sometimes one single session proves beneficial. Some clients choose to participate in ongoing counselling. Councelling can continue until you feel ready to stop.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=’Confidentiality’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] Our services are all confidential and no information is released to anyone without your written consent.
The Counselling Centers comply with state and federal laws regulating confidentiality as well as professional ethical codes.
You may sign a release of information form and authorize the counsellor to disclose information to certain persons, institutions or offices (for beneficial collaboration), such as

  • nursery school teacher
  • teachers at school
  • physicians
  • youth welfare service

However, your personal consent to the disclosure of confidential information is necessary.
You may revoke this authorization at any time.

[/spoiler] [spoiler title=’Limits of Confidentiality – Child protection’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] There are some exceptions to confidentiality, typically involving imminent risk of self-harm or abuse of others.
In some cases, including the following, the counsellor may take action and use or disclose personal information without your consent or authorization:

  • Child Abuse – If your counselor has reasonable cause to believe a child known to him/her in his/her professional capacity may be an abused child or a neglected child
  • If a child is in serious danger and counselling seems not to be entirely sufficient in itself to enable change to take place

In these circumstances we’ll always consider together with you how and when we’ll refer the case to Children’s Services (Regionaler Sozialpädagogischer Dienst).

Children’s Services are dedicated to strengthening families
and to support you in keeping your children safe.

[/spoiler] [spoiler title=’Quality assurance’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] All educational and family guidance centers follow the same best practice.procedures.
Every counsellor is a qualified and approved practitioner.
Their high level of professional competence is a guaranty for the quality of our services.
Our professional staff includes licensed:

  • psychologists
  • social workers
  • pedagogues
  • psychotherapists
  • child psychotherapist

All counsellors have received specialist training in the services they offer. They undergo further training to specialize in areas such as young people’s counselling.
Team Assistants provide additional support to the team in their daily tasks.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title='(Re)Schedule an appointment’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] Interested in finding out more? All inquiries are welcome.
If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us by email or by phone.

Below you can find a list of all Educational and Family Guidance Centers in Berlin. You may be put on a waiting list for counselling.

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