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For parents

Parents may be a number of different people. The category “parents” includes for us:

  • mother and father irrespective of whether they raise children together or separately
  • couples during a pregnancy
  • adoptive parents or foster parents
  • families with two mothers or two fathers and their children
  • couples in patchwork families living with children from different relationships

Issues addressed

Our Counselling Services assist you to develop new skills, resources and coping strategies.
We provide services in managing your everyday affairs or in a crisis.
We are also there for you when you know what to do but are not sure how to do it.
Our counsellors help you to better your situation.
Frequently just a few sessions can help.
For example in a counseling session we consider together:

  • how a situation can be changed so that all family members are better off
  • how individual family members can act to improve the situation
  • what additional support the family needs to come out of a crisis

As all parents know it can be hard to raise and support young people.
Perhaps you are unsure and have questions – for example:

  • Am I doing everything right in my parenting?
  • Is my child’s behavior normal?

You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for Parents

Our counsellors give support and guidance on

  • successful parenting and child-rearing
  • how to manage a challenging life
  • when your relationship is in trouble and you are thinking about splitting up

Counselling may help you to better your situation, for example

  • Do you feel stressed out when it comes to parenting?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and unable to cope?
  • Do you face great difficulties with your child or children?
  • Do you feel helpless due to experiencing abusive behavior in your personal or family relationships?
  • Are you considering separation or divorce because your relationship seems jeopardized by disputes and conflicts?

Healthy Parenting Support & Education

In our work we recognize the very important role that parents have in raising and supporting their kids.
We will promote assistance that helps you become strong and more confident in your parenting.
To become the kind of nurturing, involved parent you want to be.
Our counsellors understand what’s going on in young people’s lives and can help you deal with the challenges of school life and growing up.
Common concerns we address:

  • important facts about your child’s development
  • what parents of different age groups should expect
  • age-related social, emotional, and behavioral differences in children and adolescents
  • the child’s physical, emotional and educational needs
  • the development of appropriate family rules and routines and helping your child to understand them
  • how to react when your child is acting out
  • how to deal with sibling fighting
  • problem-solving strategies for school issues
  • physical, psychological, social and emotional changes in puberty that affect the thinking and behavior of teens
  • how to balance growing independence with parental guidance and letting go

Are you concerned about your child’s health and well-being?
Have you observed that your child faces a challenge – whether it’s

  • simply being “out of sync”
  • your child having health problems of uncertain cause
  • your child’s level of development and/or behavior varies greatly from children of the same age
  • your child feels uncomfortable speaking to or playing with other children
  • having been exposed to violence or abuse
  • severe emotional difficulties such as suicidal feelings
  • you think your child or teen might attempt suicide

Counselling offers support in times of emotional stress and can yield solutions to practical problems. It can also simply be an opportunity for parents to find an open ear and talk about their concerns.

Family counselling

Our counsellors work effectively with children, young people and adults, couples, families and individuals, enabling them to build on their strengths and communication.
It may be valuable to work with a client and spouse/significant other, or a client and another family member(s) in sessions together, to best understand and improve the relationship dynamics.
Common key concerns for counselling include:

  • family stress affecting all family members
  • a desire for help in getting relationships back on track
  • help in establishing and reinforcing family rules
  • help in enhancing, facilitating and fine-tuning everyday family life
  • support in adjusting to a new life after separation
  • support in living with your new partner and becoming a blended family

Help for separated families

Divorce and separation are a challenging time for all involved.
When your family goes through change, it can be difficult to (re)adjust.
Mediation can help couples make agreements and move on.
Get advice and support whenever you need it to help you cope with separation and divorce issues.
Various topics for guidance may be:

  • ongoing fights between separated parents
  • ideas for negotiating where children live and making contact arrangements (childcare arrangements)
  • helping children live in two homes
  • when children reside either with the mother or the father
  • shielding your child(ren) from parental conflict and helping your child to stay in touch with the other parent
  • sharing joint (legal and physical) custody – and how to make it work
    helping separated couples and parents work together to achieve what’s best for themselves and their children
  • establishing healthy co-parenting techniques and positive parenting skills
  • mediation to try to work out your differences ordered by a court