For young people

As an adolescent you may seek and attend counseling on your own without your parents.
Our trained counsellors are here to help and support anyone under 28 with any issue they’re going through.
Problems with family, friends or teachers? Our counsellors understand what’s going on in young people’s lives and can help you deal with the challenges of school life and growing up.
Our aim is to answer any questions you may have about problems in your life and provide you with the right information to get help when you need it, for example

  • being bullied? Feeling worried or unsafe?
  • what to do if you are unhappily in love
  • if things are hard at home

Whatever you’re going through, we can support you. You get help with different issues such as

  • family relationships: having problems with (one of) your family
  • domestic abuse or violence
  • problems with and at school
  • when you feel the need to talk to someone

Need to talk?

Whatever your worry, there is support available to help.
You can talk to us about anything. No problem is too big or too small.

However you choose to contact us, you’re in control.
It’s confidential and you don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to.

You can talk to us by calling, by email, through a counsellor. Whatever feels best for you.

  1. Counselling Centers in Berlin
    Click on Where To Find Us for details of how to find out if we have a service near you.
  2. Get in touch online
    If you prefer chatting online you can also write to us or email us at:

    • bke (Online Counselling)
    • SOS-Kinderdorf (Online Counselling)
  3. Call us
    Contact us at any time of day or night on one of these numbers if you feel you need urgent help:

    • Berliner Jugendnotdienst 030.61 00 62
    • Kinderschutz Zentrum Berlin 030.683 91 10 or 030.971 17 17